Post #6 PETA’s attack on Steve Irwin Pt. 1

On February 22nd 2019, Australian zookeeper Steve Irwin would have turned 57 years old after his death in 2006. In memorial of his life, Google used a doodle of Steve Irwin as their Google Doodle for the day. Steve Irwin was a role model for people around the world, advocating for animal wildlife conservation and proper treatment to animals in general. Though after the Google Doodle was released, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the biggest American animal rights organization in the world, had something to say about it. PETA tweeted, ” #SteveIrwin was killed while harassing a ray; he dangled his baby while feeding a crocodile & wrestled wild animals who were minding their own business. Today’s #GoogleDoodle sends a dangerous, fawning message. Wild animals are entitled to be left alone in their natural habitats”. The tweet has 62 thousand replies and only 11 thousand likes, it is evident that most of the replies are a backlash because they are criticizing Irwin. Also showing why it has such few likes and retweets. One reply even saying,
PETA is an embarrassment to animal rights” and ” I supported @peta with a fixed amount of money every month. That was until I read this tweet”. These replies from verified accounts show that by making this Tweet, PETA has lost a lot of credibilities. Though some may say PETA has the right idea by saying that wild animals should be left alone, though Irwin also stood for this. However, it can be agreed that his methods may not have been ideal but his passion for animals and for their protection was incredibly apparent. He taught a lot of people about nature and the environment through is various Television shows and movies, which strived to show people animals in nature and their utter beauty and that it is best to leave them alone. People are aware of this since he was such a positive figure while he was alive. PETA’s tweet incorrectly skews Irwin’s message to be something it is. PETA wants people to believe that Irwin’s job hurt and disrupted the flow of nature in the animals he found. Steve Irwin saved the lives of countless animals in his sanctuaries. It is illogical for PETA to attack someone who stands for animal rights and conservation just like them. The timing of it is also unnecessary, for PETA to even say this on his birthday is completely disrespectful for someone who can not even defend themselves since they are dead. The world holds Steve Irwin at such high respect and honor for what he did teaching people about animals, so it obvious there would be a backlash on whoever talks badly on someone who had a positive message. PETA has not apologized and still continues to stand by what they said adding that, “People should examine Steve Irwin’s record of wildlife molestation”. This kind of rhetoric of words like “molestation” continue to dig the hole PETA continues to dig for itself by disrespecting Steve Irwin, “Crocodile Hunter”.


Post #5 El Chapo and The Wall Pt. 2

I found this event on Twitter news and one of the top news stories of the day of the time. I often look on Twitter for news that is somewhat relevant on there, they often post stuff as soon as it happens. I believe this story is relevant because Trump’s wall affects us all in California and as taxpayers as a whole. I believe in theory that Ted Cruz’s plan is pretty good in theory but I do not think it can be executed as wished. According to journalists, El Chapo’s net worth is only around 1 billion dollars, though Trump’s request for the border wall from Congress was 5 billion dollars, while Ted Cruz’s plan offers to retrieve 14 billion from El Chapo’s assets. With little to simple math skills, you can see that this does not line up financially. If El Chapo’s net worth is only 1 billion and then you add some of his assets, I do not believe that would equate to anywhere near the 14 billion dollars that Cruz’s EL CHAPO Act would want. Also, it is very probable that many of his assets are no longer his after his capture due to the fact that many of his colleagues might have inherited them and or took control of them. I am sure El Chapo has fail-safes and right-hand men who are designated in taking over after he is no longer there. Also, El Chapo is just one of the many drug lords that reside in the south of America, comedian George Lopez says in an interview that El Chapo is just “the Anchor of the midday ESPN, there’s a bunch of other anchors”. Though maybe George Lopez is not the best source of info, he points out a good point that there are many other drug dealers out there and El Chapo is just one of many. Maybe the money of El Chapo’s should be going into homeland security to find these drug lords, an equally if not more spiteful way to use his money other than the border wall. But also, his money could be going back to more prosperous things like drug addiction resources, studying of drugs and their effects, schools, or anything needed that is often used by the money of taxpayers. I know that the American people are relieved to see that El Chapo has been caught and tried for his crimes against the American people, he deserves to serve the rest of his life in prison. This is just the end of the chapter of El Chapo, not the end of drug dealers as a whole controlling the drug world and corrupting the drug industry in America.

Dawn of the First Day

Into each life some rain must fall – The Ink Spots

According to studies, around 45,000 people die annually due to the lack of healthcare and proper medicine in the United States alone. However, this number can be drastically changed from the advancements in medicine and research. I find this number far too high to just go unnoticed.  I would like to become a chemistry major here at University of California Santa Cruz, then going into Pharmaceutical sciences and then to hopefully pursue a doctorate in the same field. I have always been interested the medical field and the chemical aspects of it; currently I am in Chemistry classes, which has led me to have an interest in the pharmaceutical field. With an education in pharmaceutical sciences and my love for chemistry, I hope to one day create easier access to better medication for those who might not have access to it now. If I were to help even a small number of people, it would begin to help lower the statistic of people dying annually due to the issue.

Seeing the amount of effort my parents put into pay for doctor visits and paying for insurance inspired me to go to a good school and major in the medical field, motivating me to help other families in America who do not have the proper resources to medical care and treatments. My parents may not have had resources that other families had, being that I will be the first college graduate in my family,  but they did their best to keep me healthy and happy. Growing up, my parents would always put my own health before their own, taking me to the doctor whenever they thought something was wrong, or even taking getting to get a checkup, even if it may not have seemed necessary. The pursuit of a happy and healthy family is a large part of our family’s values.

           My goal as an academic is to ready myself for a career in pharmaceutical sciences, so that one day my I can impact the population whom do not have access to the proper resources.